Energy efficiency in office lighting

Designed and manufactured locally, Lighting Innovations’ Pinnacle recessed fluorescent luminaires.With rising electricity tariffs in South Africa and a powerful global drive for environmental responsibility, Lighting Innovations has developed a recessed fluorescent luminaire that offers customers over 93% energy efficiency. Designed and manufactured locally, the Pinnacle range is ideal for commercial office applications and is the only fluorescent luminaire of its kind in the country.

A 60% energy saving is achieved by simply switching from the traditional T8 electromagnetic lamp to a T5 circuit, which is more optically friendly, offering greater control of the light emitted from the lamp.The other 30% saving, however, depends on the reflector design, the materials used to manufacture the lamp and the housing of the luminaire, which is where Lighting Innovations delivers a competitive advantage.

With an in-house laboratory containing state-of-the-art measuring equipment, including a goniometer, an integrated sphere and the Photopia software program, the company is able to design and produce some of the most innovative luminaires that optimise efficiency for maximum financial and environmental rewards.

Lighting Innovations uses MIRO®-Silver aluminium materials from Alanod, which contribute to enhanced efficiency and lower energy costs. Especially suited to energy saving technology, MIRO®-Silver combines 98% total reflectivity with high durability, offering UV and long-term stability as well as effective colour rendering.

The efficiency of the Pinnacle luminaire not only reduces energy costs, but can also help property developments to achieve a higher Green Star rating. The Pinnacle consumes only 1.5W/m2/100 lux, which is lower than the required standard of 2W/m2/100 lux.

By combining a T5 circuit with an advanced optical design and innovative luminaire housing, Lighting Innovations offers South African engineers and architects an energy-efficient luminaire that helps meet the growing demand for greener solutions.

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