Vertical Landscapes at Decorex 2010

Vertical_Landscapes_2Vertical Landscapes exhibited the first modular green walls available in South Africa at Decorex Johannesburg 2010.

A Vertical Landscape is literally a garden growing on a wall. But since this is a garden that one may take in “from the top” as it were, its impression is lasting, its impact is sensational and its design possibilities are as wide as those of a painter with an empty canvas.

The system consists of half-metre square modules, each of which consists of a plastic backing and a lightweight inorganic growing medium. Plants are then planted into the modules, eventually rooting themselves into the growing medium. The modules are fixed to a stainless steel framework structure which is in turn fixed to a wall. Vertical Landscapes may also be made as free-standing wall structures. An automated irrigation system supplies water, enriched with a specially formulated nutrient solution, to the plant roots within the growing medium.

Justin Sam, co-director of the company explains that, “The benefit of the modular design is that individual plants or modules may be replaced quickly and easily. This gives us flexibility and allows us to change the appearance of a wall to suit our clients’ changing tastes, as well as the seasons. Our products are living, and therefore dynamic, entities. They represent a merging of nature and building design, fusing art with practicality. Every wall is unique.”

Brett Hargrave, the company’s other driving force adds that, “We take great pride in creating walls that are not only beautiful, but provide practical benefits. Vertical Landscapes may be installed indoors or outdoors, and allow the planting of gardens in apartments, offices, shops, foyers, terraces and other places where floor space is limited. The plants absorb carbon dioxide and gaseous pollutants and trap airborne particulate matter. The plants then breathe oxygen into the air. Our walls insulate buildings from noise and outside temperature fluctuations, leading to reduced air-conditioning requirements and a smaller carbon footprint. Vertical Landscapes provide habitats for birds, bees and butterflies, contributing to biological diversity. They will last indefinitely, as long as they are maintained correctly (the company also provides this service). As a permanent addition to your building, they will add to the value of your property.”

The possibilities are endless – the company is building walls that spell out the logos of companies, as well as growing various fruit and vegetables vertically. Vertical Landscapes are available for purchase, as fully planted systems with irrigation systems installed. Vertical Landscapes are also available for rental, providing your event or function with both a distinctive backdrop and a focal point for your guests to enjoy.

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