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Kohler brings the artist into the bathroom

The Artist Editions® line features a number of bathroom sinks that are crafted from natural materials using methods that have been passed down for generations. Honouring the inherent beauty and potential of the materials, Kohler designers and artisans create one-of-a-kind works of art for the home.

The intricate designs Kohler chooses for the ceramic Artist Editions® products are inspired by cultures and landscapes from around the world. Kohler designers pore over architecture, textiles, craftwork and fine art to create the patterns and textures that the company’s skilled craftspeople painstakingly bring to life.

Glass basins

Glass has a versatile, fluid nature that lends itself to artistic expression. Cast, spun, slumped or pressed – our glass sinks are crafted by our own small team of artisans in Kohler, Wisconsin. With a precision that rivals watch making and a process that can take days, these glassmakers heat, pour and cool glass to capture the right form and texture, colour and translucency, shaping basins that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned.

Designed to showcase the raw and elemental qualities of glass, the Toric Vessels sink is impressive with its substantial presence and natural texture. Yet it balances this weight with a thinner, more transparent drain area and precise lines, creating a refined appearance. Toric highlights the beauty of glass with its crisp Ice colour and handcrafted appearance.

While it can’t actually strut down the catwalk, the Runway glass basin has the glamour and confidence to capture the camera’s attention. Thiis vanity-top basin features a rich, dark Raven finish for a look that’s sure to get noticed. Crafted of sleek, shiny glass, Runway reflects its surrounding environment and unifies your design aesthetic.

Bronze basins

Bronze is a fitting choice for a bathroom sink. Highly skilled craftspeople transfer each incredibly detailed pattern from mould to casting. Depending on the pattern’s complexity, it may take days simply to fabricate the casting. Each sink is smoothed and polished to a burnished living finish that deepens with character over time. When the bronze patina has achieved exactly the look you want, a light coat of wax will slow the colour change.

Originating centuries ago in Greece, Africa, Mesopotamia and Asia, bronze casting has been associated with classical, Renaissance and even contemporary art. Breathing new life into an old-world material, the cast-bronze Lilies Lore basin takes on a modern shape through an organic and intricate pattern. Its low-profile texture moves beyond traditional feminine representations of lilies for a fresh approach. A living finish, the cast bronze will patina over time to enhance the sink’s beauty.

Marble basins

Carrara and Biancone marbles carry with them a sense of ancient architectural grandeur and exquisite artistry. Kohler has chosen these iconic stones for their Botticelli® Vessels and Purist® Wading Pool® sinks because of their strength and beautiful colouring.

With its unique wet surface design, this Purist Wading Pool Wet Surface basin presents water as something to be admired and contemplated – not as something to be instantly swept away. It’s an eye-catching approach that elevates water to art, showcasing it on the appropriately stunning backdrop of Biancone or White Carrara marble.

Patterned basins

Based on centuries-old methods used to create fine china such as Wedgwood, Kohler works with the leading transferware manufacturers in the world to turn their artists’ sketches into multicoloured, multilayered patterns. With detailed precision, each pattern is hand-applied before the fixtures are fired to perfection in the custom kilns.

Escape to afternoon tea in the garden, and linger as you enjoy the long summer day. It’s a moment captured by the Peonies & Ivy collection, inspired by the resurgence of traditional Victorian floral imagery in current American decorating and gardening. Full, bright peony blossoms intertwined with green ivy transport you to fresh air and inviting gardens.

Crimson Topaz – a collection inspired by 18th-century botanical drawings incorporates bright passionflowers intertwined with leaves and vines in shades of green and red, surrounded by a light mocha scroll pattern, bringing joyful colour to the bathroom.

Inspired by landscape watercolours, the carved floral pattern and precious-metal accents of Gilded Meadow create a textured, harmonious look. The dramatic conical shape and distinctive design add sophisticated beauty while the neutral palette blends seamlessly with any décor. This vessel-style sink is an elegant focal point in both traditional and modern spaces.

Subtle textures in washbasins

Textured patterns begin with meticulously carved and, in most cases, hand-chiselled, plaster moulds. From these, Kohler creates working moulds that produce ceramic sink castings ready to be glazed and fired. To accentuate the details of the relief pattern, a translucent glaze is used. The result is a unique visual and tactile experience. Colour pools and deepens where the pattern dips and is softer where the pattern rises. Every nuance comes to life.

Capturing the textural complexities of hand-weaving, Bouclé Tweed offers a unique surface enhancement that creates a neutral, visual texture. It’s a nod to the rich tradition of turning fibre into wearables and household essentials – and the perfect way to bring an element of colour and texture to the bathroom without overwhelming. Bouclé Tweed combinesThunder™ Grey and Almond to create a warm, dark-coloured pattern.

Mimicking an open book ready to unveil a story, the Tableau basin delivers its powerful visual impact without a hint of reserve. Crafted of KOHLER® enamelled cast iron with a deep, glossy finish; Tableau reflects a fluidity that’s formed by the interplay of light, shape and surface texture. Available in White, Almond, Vapour Pink, Vapour Orange, Vapour Green, Vapour Blue, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Basalt and Black Black.

Washbasins with metallic details

Adorning things we value with precious metals is a tradition long practiced in many cultures. Gold and platinum, in particular, have ornamented fine dinnerware for centuries. This practice has been extended to several Artist Editions designs, layering gold and platinum into complex patterns for an added sense of formality and sophistication. Metallic patterns are hand-applied and kiln-fired for durability.

Refined craftsmanship and intricate china patterns have held a place of honour in the dining room for centuries. Kohler brings this graceful look to the bathroom with Flight of Fancy. Featuring intricate, raised-enamel floral detailing framed by thin bands of rich gold or platinum, Flight of Fancy makes a stunning formal statement.

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