New improved tamperproof floor drain by HerbishIt is well known within the food industry that pilfering and shop lifting often takes place via the floor drains. The goods are simply flushed down the drain to be collected later at the outlet, outside the premises.

This ingenious method is not always successful and often causes serious blockages in the sewer lines, resulting in flooding of the premises.

In response to the problem, Herbish Drainage Systems has introduced the new outlet guard, as a standard feature, for the HB200 and HB280 range of floor drains.

The guard is in the form of a perforated disc welded in the floor drain outlet. This disc prevents any items larger than 12mm from being flushed down the drain but still allows the plumber enough access to the pipes in the event of a blockage.

This latest introduction to the range makes the Herbish HB200 and HB280 floor drains the number one specification choice for food outlets, large and small wholesalers, restaurants and kitchens.

The tamperproof option is available throughout Herbish Drainage Systems’ range which includes shower drains, grease traps, strip channels for showers and drainage channels for large food preparation areas.

The latest addition is the adjustable range, particularly suited for applications where special floors are being laid and the finished floor level is still to be finalised. On finalisation, the installer just needs to adjust the height of the floor drain flange to the floor level.

This prevents delays to the project and expensive repairs to the floor should there be a problem with the levels that would necessate the removal and replacement of the floor drains.

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