Heat pumps minimise water-heating energy needs

	Magnet supplies a range of heat pumps designed to reduce conventional heating costs.Magnet, a specialist in the design and installation of the latest energy efficiency systems for industrial, commercial and residential applications, supplies a range of heat pumps designed to reduce conventional heating costs.

Brian Howarth, managing director of Magnet says, “The heat pumps are ideal for any situation where hot water or other fluids are required at temperatures at or below 60°C. The operating system is based on taking heat from the air and transferring the energy to water, or another liquid, to make it hot. The cooler air – a by-product of the heat pump system – can then be ducted for air-conditioning in larger industrial applications.

“By using a heat pump system in place of a conventional water heating unit that uses electricity, the costs of heating water will be reduced by about 70%,” says Howarth. “An important feature of the heat pumps we supply is that they can be connected to an existing geyser, replacing the standard 3kW electric element heater.”

Typical applications for heat pumps include industrial ablution blocks, hospitals, offices, schools, hotels and homes.

Magnet offers a national advisory service to achieve optimum energy efficiency in diverse applications.

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