Committed to efficient water heating systems

Cobra-200l-Megaflo-geyserCobra Watertech’s commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts has inspired its designers to enhance its wide range of water heating systems and accessories continually, to offer economical water usage and maximum energy-saving benefits.

Cobra’s geysers are the products of choice for many upmarket housing complexes, hotels and office buildings around the country. Within its extensive range, designed to satisfy various applications and requirements, all the geyser cylinders are fully guaranteed and are approved by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).


The high-pressure hot water cylinders of choice for most establishments are the Cobra Megaflo Dual or the Cobra 400 Dual Standard or Slim-line.

The units are available in 100, 150, 200 or 250-litre models and can be installed horizontally or vertically. Cobra notes, however, that the 200 and 250-litre geysers – due to weight – are not suitable for wall mounting.

All these geysers are engineered to incorporate polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder and outer casement, which helps to reduce energy consumption and heat loss. The geysers are also designed with double anodes for additional protection against corrosion.

The inner cylinders of the Cobra 400 Dual Standard and Slim-line geysers are manufactured using 1.6mm steel, and in the Cobra Megaflo, using 2mm steel. The use of thermofused porcelain enamel ensures the cylinders’ hygiene and longevity.

Cobra offers a guarantee of six years on the inner cylinder of the Megaflo and five years on the Cobra 400 Dual Standard or Slim-line, subject to water conditions equivalent to those of the main metropolitan supply authorities.

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