Khanda Seating caters for maximum capacity in church

Khanda's Rhema seating provides for a compact seating layout with easy access Khanda Seating, manufacturer of a variety of seating options for stadiums, auditoriums and other large venues, recently completed the installation of seating at the new Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Johannesburg.

The church will accommodate a maximum attendance of 7 500 people on Khanda’s Rhema seats.

This seating is similar to the folding chairs found in cinemas except that both the seat and backrest, together with the associated peripherals, can be folded vertically, allowing for a more compact seating layout.

“The Rhema seat has enabled the church to use the maximum seating allowed by the building regulations while maintaining easy access for patrons,” says Mark Osborne of Khanda Seating.

In addition, Khanda has seen its award-winning Jumbo seat specified in a number of stadiums across southern Africa – including Swaziland and Botswana – due to its economical pricing, high back and indestructibility.

These projects are just some of the many that follow Khanda’s move to new, 4 500 m square metres premises. According to Osborne, the move has improved the company’s confidence and ability to pursue new projects more aggressively, including potential growth in international markets.

“At our new premises we’ve separated many of the manufacturing processes into distinct bays and work areas. As well as improving working conditions for the people on the factory floor, this has enabled us to improve our quality control significantly,” says Osborne.

“We’re proud of our new building and its location. It highlights the company’s growth as a professional seating manufacturer and supplier and will enable us to respond to the continuing demand for quality seating.”

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