Kerb drainage at its most efficient

The combined kerb & drain system

The Technicrete Beany Block is simple yet practical and its excellent surface drainage efficiency, together with its comparatively large flow capacity/unit weight ratio, makes it superior to and more cost effective than conventional kerbing and drainage for many roadway designs. Vehicle entrances can be easily accommodated using the Mountable Beany top. This unit allows the bottom channel flow to be uninterrupted. The Beany Block is also designed to be used in conjunction with SABS Fig. 3 & Fig. 4 Barrier Kerbs.

The system

The system consists of a series of Base Blocks of standard channel section and Top Blocks of inverted channel section with an opening in one side face. When laid end to end they form a combined kerb and surface water drainage unit strong enough to withstand normal traffic loading. Each standard Top and Base Block is 500mm in length and weighs approximately 85kg. The Top Block oval openings give an aesthetic appearance and provide for greater inlet capacities than conventional kerb inlets.

Standard blocks may be used for curve radii of 30m or more. “Splay” blocks are available to order for radii between 6m and 30m.


  • Any application where high inlet capacity is required;
  • Beany produces 400mm length of inlet opening for every 1m of kerb;
  • Wide carriageways;
  • Parking areas;
  • Taxi ranks and bus depots;
  • Wash bays and vehicle service areas;
  • Median islands;
  • Industrial areas;
  • Drainage around buildings and walkways
  • Tollplazas.


Time saving (design and construction)

No long drainage sections required in the contract documents when Beany Blocks are used.

Cost saving

Substitutes for kerbs, stormwater pipework, kerb inlets and parts of footways. Contractual claims due to damaged services etc., are less likely than when laying conventional drainage.

Solving specific problems in conventional drainage:

  • Insufficient fall;
  • Conflicting levels of service mains and cables;
  • Ponding adjacent to low points;
  • Traffic safety and control on existing carriageways.

Additional cost savings can be achieved on schemes involving:

  • Wide carriageways plus footways;
  • Carriageways having ’flat’ longitudinal falls;
  • Rock in sub-grade;
  • Shallow outfall;
  • Existing services or foul drainage at conflicting levels.
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