It’s the finer details that make a bathroom perfect

Visign actuating panelsVisign actuating panels with reduced shapes and high-quality materials such as chrome, stainless steel and toughened safety glass give you the freedom to decide how your bathroom will look.?? Visign for More sensitive offers an electronically controlled actuated flush ??? a gentle glide of the hand actuates one of the two flush volumes.

Visign bathtub fittings are hardly noticeable in the bathtub because of their minimal construction height. The Rotaplex Trip F offers a new way of filling the bathtub ??? nearly silently from the bathtub floor. The bathtub fills itself from the bottom upwards.

The Multiplex Trio E is an electronically controlled bathtub inlet that allows you to determine the water temperature, inflow rate and filling height with one single control element. A simple tip of the switch starts the filling; the illuminated ring shows the temperature and the inflow rate. It stops automatically ??? no need to watch the bath during filling!

Visign bathtub fittings Rotaplex Trip F Multiplex Trio E Viega shower tray drains

Viega shower tray drains offer a number of options. The Viega Tempolex shower tray drains for large volumes of water ??? like those produced by rain showerheads. Deeper shower trays are suitable for the Viega Dornoplex fittings that come with practical details such as optional hair sieves and removable odour traps to ensure easy cleaning. The Viega Duoplex actually lets you turn the shower into a children’s bathtub ??? it has an extricable standpipe that allow water to be held in the tub up to a depth of 90mm making it children possible for children to bathe in the shower tray.

Viega Eleganta siphons are offered in straight lines, conical forms or organic curves ??? no longer does the piping underneath the basin need to be hidden. They can be combined with suitable universal or stem valves, available with or without overflow function, in round or square form.

Viega Eleganta siphons Viega Advantix floor level shower channels Visign grates for Advantix drains

Viega Advantix floor level shower channels are available in polished and matt finished stainless steel, as well as glass. Visign shower channel grates are offered in nine different designs to enable you to incorporate the tiles from the surrounding area into it.

Visign grates for Advantix drains are another elegant solution for designing floor level showers. Available in round, square or triangular shapes, they are offered with various perforations.

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