Living art and living screens by GreenHive

Use plants to enhance your surrounding

There are many reasons to consider bringing plants into your living or working environment. Plants improve air quality by photosynthesising and releasing oxygen into the air, and also act as biofilters for impurities. Acoustics are also enhanced as plants absorb sound and help with diffraction. Plants promote better health & wellness through a spiritual connection to nature which is missing in the modern concrete jungle.

Plants in picture frames by GreenHive

LivePicture bridges the gap between plant and art to offer a constant talking point as the arrangement changes over time. Unusual and beautiful, LivePicture brings new life and interest to any bare wall. It hangs on the wall as easily as a painting, and no electricity or water connection is needed. Instead, the living picture has a smart, integrated watering system.

A living picture that changes as plants grow

LivePicture can be supplied in white, silver grey or charcoal / anthracite. Other colours are available on request.

LivePicture is guaranteed for one year (not applicable to the plant cassette)

Add some greenery to your wallsFeatures: 

  • Exchangeable plant cassettes
  • No electricity needed
  • Water supply for 6 weeks
  • No water connection, drain or irrigation needed
  • Manual water refill
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Smart and silent water level indicator
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • High quality frames

Plants growing in picture frames are a different kind of artSizes offered:

LivePicture 1 72 x 72 x 7cm
LivePicture 2 112 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture 3 152 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture 4 192 x 72 x 7 cm
LivePicture XL 112 x 170 x 7 cm

Living Green Screens for use as Living Office dividers and or exterior Living Screens

This patented Mobilane system comprises a metal grid that is entirely covered with vegetation. These plants are planted in compost in a biodegradable pot, which is attached to the bottom of the metal grid. The biodegradable pot is made from coconut fibres held together by natural latex. After planting the Green Screen, the entirely organic planters degrade within one to two years and the plants will root in the surrounding subsoil.

Instant hedges with GreenScreen by GreenHiveFeatures

  • Available in different types
  • Available in different heights, depending on plant variety
  • Posts and fixing materials also available
  • Reduces fine dust
  • Contributes to biodiversity

Living Green Screens act as dividers or focal pointsBenefits

  • Dense, green hedge creates immediate privacy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sustainable and attractive divider for the surroundings
  • Can be planted throughout the year, except during frost periods
  • High-quality fencing with 10-year guarantee

Size (w x h) and accessories 

Green Screen

  • 120 x 100 cm
  • 120 x 155 cm
  • 120 x 180 cm
  • 120 x 220 cm
  • 120 x 300 cm

Iron and hardwood posts, brackets, grid extensions, garden doors, wooden planters

Add greenery easily to harsh landscaping

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