Retrofitting insulation in St Cyprians’ refurbishment

Loose-fill cellulose Eco-Insulation was specified to provide effective thermal insulation as part of the refurbishment of St Cyprians in Cape Town.Eco-Insulation was installed recently in the refurbishment programme at St Cyprians in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s leading private schools for girls.

Lead architects on the project are Noero Wolff and the quantity surveyors, Riverside Consulting, specified Eco-Insulation to provide effective ceiling insulation as part of the refurbishment.

Located in Oranjezicht in the city bowl, the school buildings date back to the turn of the previous century and are solidly constructed with predominantly high pitched roofs, which are not easily accessible from inside.

Eco-Insulation installer Richard Ellis says roof tiles were removed to allow access to the roof space from above. The specialised delivery system that has been developed for the product means it can be pumped up and into the roof space – as was done for the installation in the science and language buildings at the school where the Eco-Insulation pump had to be set up on a lower level.

As the material is pumped into the roof space it automatically spreads out across the ceiling, filling all recesses to ensure 100% coverage. Ellis highlights that this is an important benefit as uninsulated areas of a ceiling cause hotspots that can reduce the efficiency of the thermal envelope by dramatically more than their proportionate size.

Eco-Insulation is a flame-retardant loose-fill cellulose product manufactured locally from recycled newsprint. The pump used to install the product was specially developed by company founder, Cecil Homan, at the Cape Town factory.

As a turnkey installation service, Eco-Insulation has come to be favoured by a number of specifying professionals who prefer to have the installation carried out by specialists rather than asking general building contractors to interpret the technical requirements for insulation.

Eco-Insulation has trained installation contractors in most major centres in the country. The product is approved under SABS 1381-6 and displays the SABS mark. It is also fire-rated B/B1/2, meaning no spread of flame.

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