Recycled and recyclable – insulation saves energy

Brits-Nonwoven-Isotherm-installationWe are being asked to cut back on electricity usage and to pay more for what we do use. This is the message we hear as we ready ourselves for the winter. Isotherm thermal insulation provides one way of combating the winter chill. Isotherm  is one of the most innovative and effective insulation materials available. It can be installed in ceilings, in dry walling or around water pipes and geysers, to save energy and, as important in the current economic environment and with Eskom’s tariff increases looming, money.

In winter, having Isotherm installed can save between 40% and 70% of a building’s heating energy requirements. So, in effect, the product pays for itself in minimal time. The value of the product has been recognised at the highest level; Brits Nonwoven, the manufacturer of Isotherm, was awarded the contract to supply 100% of the insulation material required by Eskom’s nominated geyser blanket manufacturer.

South Africa has an overwhelmingly high unemployment rate and a fast growing consciousness around energy efficiency. Brits Nonwoven first responded to these realities and the growing trend towards ‘green building’ by turning its insulation product, Isotherm roof insulation, ‘green’: literally green in colour and green in the sense that it is made from thermally bonded 100% polyester that is derived from the polymer from recycled PET bottles.

Isotherm is a lightweight, compressible but resilient insulation material that is also 100% recyclable itself.

“Isotherm is safe and easy to install and maintenance-free, lasting up to 30 years, ensuring you many warm winters,” says Andre Swart, general manager of Brits Nonwoven. With new and upgraded production facilities in Gauteng and Western Cape, Brits is well placed for the expected growth in the use of products that support energy efficient buildings.

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