Newly launched reflective insulation

Eco Shield is a foil-laminated spunbond polypropylene insulation membrane available from Infraset Building Products.Infraset Building Products has launched Eco Shield, its own brand of roof insulation, for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Agrément-approved and conforming to SABS standards, Eco Shield will contribute to making any building SANS 204 compliant.


Eco Shield works by providing a radiant barrier under the roof covering, thereby saving energy and creating comfortable living and working environments. It is manufactured by laminating a reflective aluminium foil to a spunbond polypropylene membrane and is available in four grades: domestic, commercial/light industrial, heavy industrial and an under-tile membrane. All grades are designed for pitched roofs except the heavy industrial grade which has been developed for steel-framed structures such as factories and warehouses.

Grant Uys, roofing product manager at Infraset Building Products, comments that against a backdrop of ever-increasing electricity rates and carbon footprint concerns, energy-saving measures have become imperative. “Installing a radiant barrier such as Eco Shield makes good environmental and economic sense.

“Roofs absorb solar energy which is radiated downward. The Eco Shield reflective insulation system offers a permanent method of blocking this downward transfer of heat into buildings. Unlike traditional insulating materials such as fibreglass, cellulose and styrofoam, which inhibit the rate of convective and conductive heat transfer by absorption, radiant barrier systems, like Eco Shield, have high reflectivity and low emissivity rates. They reduce heat transfer by ‘bouncing’ as much as 97% of all radiant energy back through the roof tiles in summer. In winter months, internal warmth is reflected back into the building.

“Properly installed, Eco Shield will provide decades of maintenance-free service,” says Uys, “and due to its energy-saving properties, it offers a quick return on investment.”

Eco Shield is installed like any under-tile membrane – that is – over the rafters and stapled into place. The membrane must protrude beyond the walls or must feed into gutters to allow for run-off. Special care must be taken not to damage the membrane during installation as this will reduce its efficiency. Infraset Building Products has published an Eco Shield brochure that provides product information and diagrammatic illustrations of the various installation methods.

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