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Ceiling insulation from a Volcano

Nutec Volcanic Wool

insulation material from lava from a volcano

With a trading name that includes the word Volcanic, you may think that we are sensationalising the branding just a little? Far from that as we discover further…

Insulation products manifest in a variety of materials and in South Africa, most commonly in the form of polyester or glass/mineral wool. Although not new to the global market, stone or “rock” wool is now the newest addition to Everite’s portfolio of building materials. “Nutec Volcanic Wool” is the tradename building merchants and specifiers will come to know of this latest entry into the market.

volcanic wool ceiling insulation

So what is uniquely different from this product compared to other insulation materials already consumed in the building industry? Everite already has a popular range of polyester insulation in the market, but felt it wanted to cover both the A1 and B1 Class segments collectively – a total offering.

With Nutec Volcanic Wool Insulation, the raw materials come straight out of the earth, quite literally. Dolerite and Dolomite are stones that are native to South Africa which means the main two raw materials used in this product are 100% locally sourced.

volcanic wool ceiling insulationWhat sets stone wool insulation apart is that it is the only material able to take the heat in excess of 1000 DegC. So it can be applied to far more applications than the standard polyester and mineral glass wool variants, thus creating comfort in both temperatures, as well as peace of mind!

Volcanic Wool Insulation also has very high acoustic properties which are certainly another element we would want to control to ensure a comfortable habitable space.

Suffice to say, that this new offering from Everite will certainly be visible with its unique packaging as well as its unique characteristics, which allows it to be used in applications not commonly associated with current insulation materials in South Africa.

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