Cellulose insulation for passive climate control

Eco-Insulation-pumping-product-into-place-Club-VaudevilleClub Vaudeville in Cape Town’s fast redeveloping Foreshore district is a nightspot that offers a supper club – providing theatre-cabaret seating for 340 diners – and a Moroccan-themed bar and club on the mezzanine level.Located in a redecorated building that dates back to Cape Town’s early days, the venue has been retrofitted with an air conditioning system to keep the patrons comfortable.

In order to minimise the air conditioning requirement for the extensive open venue the owners and designers investigated complementary passive climate control measures that could be implemented. Cape Town based Eco-Insulation installer, Richard Ellis provided the solution and quickly began work on the site to install the cellulose insulation material beneath the 700 m² corrugated steel roof.

Working in temperatures of over 40 °C on the roof, the Eco-Insulation team removed panels of roof sheeting to gain access to the roof-space below. The insulation is installed using a specially developed pumping system so it can reach even into constricted roof-spaces. This makes it possible to work efficiently in difficult to access areas. At Club Vaudeville the roof-space is big but movement across the area was difficult because there are no roof purlins. Product was therefore pumped across the void between the trusses, flowing across the top of the ceiling and distributing itself into every recess to provide 100% coverage. The team was off site in time for the club’s opening just before the Christmas holidays.

Eco-Insulation founder, Cecil Homan, says architects and project managers should give more consideration to using cellulose as a thermal insulation material. The product is fully approved by the SABS and is fire rated as “no spread of flame” above the ceiling. “It also has sound-insulating benefits,” he notes, “which can be very important in the hospitality industry where levels of noise need to be controlled and sound absorption is required for effective acoustics inside the building.”

Regarding the product’s thermal performance at Club Vaudeville Homan says, “Temperatures inside the building are anything from 5°C to 10°C cooler this summer, without the air conditioning, depending on the time of day. This is what we mean by natural climate comfort.”

Eco-Insulation is available nationwide. The company has recently launched a new website which offers further product information and contact details of installers around the country.

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