Quantity surveyor at AECOM Centurion racks up awards

A candidate quantity surveyor at AECOM’s Centurion office has notched up a number of prestigious awards since commencing working for the integrated infrastructure delivery company in February.

Qabilah Abramjee graduation photoQabilah Abramjee’s awards to date include best BSc (Honours) quantity surveying Student, the Bell John Prize for best achievement in 2018, the DJ Laing Scholarship from the University of Pretoria for a student with an exceptional academic performance nationally.

She also received a nomination from the University of Pretoria for the ASAQS Gold Medal for best quantity surveying student nationally. In addition, Abramjee received academic honorary colours from the University of Pretoria for her undergraduate and honours degree.

Abramjee began working for AECOM in February and graduated from the University of Pretoria in April. “During my studies, I was busy with coursework, so did not think about where I wanted to work until towards the end of my degree.

“What drew me to AECOM was the company’s global presence, the exposure this will provide, and the amazing projects I would be a part of. My future goal is to achieve professional registration, and to take advantage of AECOM’s global network to work abroad temporarily.”

Working at AECOM presents a different set of challenges, according to Abramjee. “I feel like I have learned more in the past year than during my four years of study. One of the challenges I am facing is the weight and responsibility that comes with the job, which I never felt as a student. That is why I accept responsibility for my work, and always ask for assistance when I do not know something.”

Abramjee concludes: “If I could give fresh graduates advice, it is to remain confident in what you have learned and the skills you have acquired, and to never stop learning. Work is when most of your learning begins. At university, I always focused on doing my best, and this is something I continue to do.”

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