Mercedes-Benz South Africa presents an artist’s response to the future of mobility

An interesting installation is set to launch in Cape Town today that explores the future of intelligent travel. Watch the video for an idea of a future that Mercedes-Benz says is not so far away. Thought-provoking too is the effect that electric travel will have on the design of roads, public spaces and homes.

The future is created by those who believe they can achieve the impossible, those who turn dreams into reality by combining creative vision with intelligence. The global revolution in sustainable energy solutions is transforming the automotive industry and with the advent of electric vehicles, the future of travel has arrived.

Electric cars will bring about spatial design changes

Mercedes-Benz leads the charge towards electric mobility with its EQ (Electric Intelligence) brand which has already made its world premiere. To create a sense of the future that electro-technology brings to transport, Mercedes-Benz South Africa has commissioned a world-renowned design pioneer Es Devlin, to create a unique public access artwork that will introduce the EQ brand to the South African public. The project is managed by the Design Indaba team on behalf of Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

Mercedes-Benz pavilion displaying intelligent mobility of the future

The pavilion itself will comprise an immersive installation that interprets how electric vehicles will influence the travel experience. The pavilion will be erected in Cape Town’s iconic Silo District directly in front of the Zeitz MOCAA. Set to launch on 1 November 2018, the pavilion will remain open for free public access for a full year. Members of the public will experience the exciting future of intelligent electric travel through a unique and thought-provoking public sculpture project, the first of its kind in the world.

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