Heritage Celebrations Begin at aha Lesedi

Heritage Day is coming up on Tuesday, 24 September – an annual reminder of who we are as a nation and where we come from culturally. aha Lesedi celebrates our African heritage all year round, and a visit to this beautiful hamlet in the historical Cradle of Humankind is a unique social and cultural encounter you’ll never forget.
Lesedi Cultural Village Heritage lifestyles, customs, and traditions of the Zulu, Xhosa, Bapedi, Basotho and Ndebele people
Guests lucky enough to visit aha Lesedi get to experience traditional life at five authentic tribal homesteads in Lesedi Cultural Village. A visit to the homesteads opens up a genuine window into the lifestyles, customs, and traditions of the Zulu, Xhosa, Bapedi, Basotho and Ndebele people.


aha Lesedi is a living tribute to the vast diversity of South Africa’s people, bringing age-old lifestyles and customs to life in a beautiful bushveld setting. aha Hotels & Lodges CEO Graeme Edmond said, “Heritage Day is a testament to everything that makes us so proudly South African. And what better way to celebrate it than to visit a unique part of the country that truly honours South Africa’s people and culture? The Lesedi experience is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. There’s incredible food, amazing entertainment and vibrant culture here that will always be a part of South Africa’s identity.”
Lesedi Cultural village, authentic cultural customs and hospitality aha hotels & lodges
Lesedi is just a short drive from Johannesburg, in the picturesque Cradle’s bushveld landscape. It’s look and feel is an outward celebration of African cultures and the spirit of Ubuntu. The warm hospitality guests experience is second-to-none. aha Lesedi’s accommodation options include eight Deluxe Rooms and 30 standard rooms. It’s an ideal venue for families, groups, conferencing and team-building activities, with world-class conferencing facilities for up to 300 delegates on-site.

The essence of Ubuntu lives at aha Lesedi – an unforgettable African experience. An exclusive cultural journey and a window into long-cherished African lifestyles and tradition awaits. Come and tailor-make your own unforgettable Heritage Day experience at aha Lesedi.

To find out more about aha Lesedi, visit aha.co.za or call 010 442 5800.


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