Mini instant water heaters

Cobra-Boil-Hot-Water-HeaterIn premises such as medical suites and clinics, as well as office kitchenettes and domestic kitchens, hot water is needed but in relatively low volumes. For these applications, Cobra Watertech  has designed a series of mini instant water heaters.

The Cobra Prisma Deluxe is available in 10-litre, 15-litre and 30-litre units and Cobra Boil hot water heaters – for smaller applications – are available is sizes from 2.5 litres to 25 litres. The instant water heaters solve the problem of having to wait for hot water from bigger electric water heaters or geysers that are installed some distance from the point of use. They also prevent energy wastage in heat loss when heated water has to travel through long lengths of pipe.


Cobra Prisma Deluxe water heaters have a titanium glass-lined cylinder, for longer life, and a non-corrosive polypropylene outer casing with an attractive gloss finish that will not discolour over time. Thick polyurethane foam insulation inside the cylinder prevents heat loss – saving on electricity bills – and ensures that the water remains heated for longer periods. The units are fitted with a larger sacrificial anode that provides additional protection for the inner cylinder.

Cobra Boil hot water heaters provide on-tap boiling water. The wall-mounted units are fully automatic and incorporate advanced electronic controls. They are safe, hygienic, energy-saving and steam-free and are available with white or stainless steel casings. Although the recommended setting is 60°C, external temperature controls allow for a maximum temperature setting of 75ºC. The thermostat cuts out when the required temperature is reached.

There is a 12-month guarantee on the inner titanium cylinder, the element and thermostat. Faulty thermostats and elements can be replaced when necessary. Cobra notes that users should check the quality of water supply: if it has a high content of silica or calcium, this can be detrimental to the unit’s operation and may void the warranty.

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