Easy-to-install floor heating

Coldbuster-underfloor-heating-installationWith winter fast approaching Coldbuster has introduced a new range of heating products designed for use under ceramic tiles, wood, laminate or carpeted flooring. Described as plug-and-play, peel-and-stick and position-and-embed systems, they have been developed for DIY installation and are supplied with easy-to-follow installation and operating instructions. A helpline is available to offer advice, assistance, or a guide to professional installers, if required.

The hi-tech electric elements of the Coldbuster DIY range ensure energy-efficient heating that is economical to run. Programmable thermostats are supplied with each system so that the user can control the level of warmth when and where it is needed.


The products in the Coldbuster range are purpose designed for different applications and are named accordingly. The range includes: TileWarm floor heating kits, Wood B-Warmer, Carpet B-Warmer and Rug Buddy. All kits are available in different sizes which can be used in combination or individually to suit different rooms. If the heating elements are placed on top of insulators, system response time is improved and electricity wastage reduced.

ColdBuster heating systems are manufactured by Boksburg-based Klimax Manufacturing, which also produces the internationally recognised Termo 2000 and Speedheat floor heating systems. All Coldbuster DIY systems are manufactured to the highest quality (ISO 9002), safety (IEC)  and efficiency standards. The SABS award-winning  co-axial heating elements are self-regulating, double-insulated, earth-screened and completely waterproof. They are super-thin – just 1.25mm – and designed to prevent energy wastage.

The heating elements are guaranteed for seven years against manufacturing defects and are unaffected by aging – so will last as long as the floor, or longer. In South Africa, the Coldbuster DIY range is supported by Speedheat’s network of franchises, which provide a service to the DIY market and professionals.

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