Also a powerful partner in the world of air conditioning: Bosch

Bosch is now offering not only heating, hot water and ventilation solutions, but also VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems for efficient air conditioning in commercial buildings.

Bosch now supply air-conditioners in South Africa

Ideal room climate at the touch of a button

Thanks to variable refrigerant flow technology, the new Bosch VRF air conditioning systems are convenient and save valuable energy at the same time. They adapt their performance to current demand and thus work with outstanding efficiency under partial load as well. The systems consist of outdoor units and several inside units and can be utilised for both cooling and heating. These new solutions from Bosch play a decisive role in ensuring that people in all areas of large buildings enjoy a comfortable climate, independent of the seasons of the year.

Efficiency from a single provider

If you are looking for an industrial boiler, a combined heat and power system or high-efficiency VRF air conditioning, Bosch has a multitude of solutions to meet your precise needs. But that’s not all: Bosch also offers customised package solutions with perfectly harmonised components and technology from one single provider.

This means that you can effectively exploit all existing efficiency potentials. The result: your energy costs are permanently kept at a low level and you make a sustainable contribution to protecting the environment.

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4) Bosch Climate 5000 VRF air conditioning system offers high class energy efficiencyOverview

The Bosch Climate 5000 VRF has many key technologies which result in exceptional performance – excellent cooling/heating performance, comfort, reliability and easy installation.

High efficiency DC inverter compressor

The Bosch Climate 5000 VRF air conditioning system offers high class energy efficiency for cooling and heating by utilising brushless DC compressor control, an innovatively designed heat exchanger and several high performance parts. A high efficiency DC inverter scroll compressor reduces power consumption by 25 %.

Smooth 180° sine wave DC inverter

Adopting the 180° Sine Wave Inverter to smooth motor rotation greatly improves operating efficiency compared with the traditional sawtooth wave.

High efficiency DC fan motor

The system controls the speed of the DC fan to achieve the minimum energy consumption and best performance, according to the running load and system pressure.

Optimised fan grille

An optimised fan blade shape with new air outlet grille enhances air flow volume, greatly improving fan performance and decreasing noise. A higher external static pressure has also been achieved – up to 60 Pa.

New profile fan blade

A new blade with sharp edges and a slight curve increases the airflow rate and lowers vibration and airflow resistance.

Multi solenoid valves control technology

Multi solenoid valves control technology in one system. All the solenoid valves equipped in the unit ensure precise temperature-control, and that the system is running steadily and economically to provide a comfortable environment.

Cycle duty operation

In one combination, any of the outdoor units can run as the master unit and the master unit can cycle in a period, to realise an equal lifespan among the outdoor units. As a result the system lifespan extends significantly.

3) Bosch VRF air conditioning systems

Backup operation

In a multiple system, if one module has failed, the other modules can be the backup to ensure continuing operation.

Precise oil control technology

5 stage oil control technology ensures every outdoor unit and compressor’s oil level is always in the safe level, completely solving issues relating to lack of oil in the compressor.

1st stage: compressor internal oil separate

2nd stage: high efficiency oil separator (separation efficiency up to 99 %)

3rd stage: oil balance technology between compressors

4th stage: oil balance technology between modules

5th stage: intelligent system oil return program

2) Bosch air conditioners for commercial buildingsAnti-corrosion treatment 

Special anti-corrosion treatment of the heat exchanger provides 5 to 6 times greater resistance against acid rain and salt corrosion.

Double EXV control technology

Double EXV Control Technology in one system: each EXV part achieves 480 pulse to adjust flow precisely. This ensures precise and steady temperature-control.

Intelligent soft start technology

The soft start function of DC inverter compressor reduces strike to the electric network. This kind of high-performance and low sound scroll compressor operates at a faster rate when starting, reducing start-up time. It also helps the unit to quickly adjust the room temperature to the set level.

Quick warm-up & cool-down design

By utilising the benefits of the inverter compressor, the system can reach full load quickly and shorten the warm-up and cool-down times to provide an immediate and comfortable air solution. Less temperature fluctuation will create a better living environment.

Compact design for effective use of space

Compact size and light weight design minimises the installation footprint, reduces the installation floor load, and is easier for transportation. For some projects the units can even be transported through the elevator or forklift, reducing access problems at the jobsite.

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