Health and safety support services

GMBA HSE support services The Health Safety and Environment (HSE) support service of the Gauteng Master Builders Association (GMBA) provides extended assistance to GMBA members to support the thorough implementation of HSE programmes – for the benefit of the companies and their employees.

Doug Michell, GMBA HSE specialist, says an HSE programme can only be successful and provide benefits if total implementation is achieved.


“For the support provided by GMBA, the standard Master Builders South Africa (MBSA) Construction Industry Occupational Health and Safety Manual is used as a baseline system and relevant support documentation is developed from this. Full-time health and safety specialists assist and advise members on compliance with the national HSE legislation. GMBA also performs star-grading audits and members have the opportunity to enter the GMBA annual Health and Safety competition,” Michell adds.

Specialists are available to assist members in implementing various elements of HSE programmes, which include:

–          Compiling site-specific HSE files;

–          Assisting management to complete Risk Assessments;

–          Conducting monthly site audits and issuing full reports;

–          Assisting with the facilitation of monthly HSE meetings; and

–          Performing incident investigations.

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