Harnessing air to heat water

Air is a renewable resource and the Stiebel Eltron WWK300AH heat pump uses the ambient outside air temperature to heat household water, with electrical consumption comparable to that of a fridge (just 0.7Kw).

The WWK300AH heat pump can operate efficiently in temperatures as low as 0ºC. For even lower outside air temperatures, it is equipped with a 1.55Kw backup heating element. It is the most efficient domestic heat pump on the market, and offers proven German technology, reliability and efficiency, from a company that has been at the forefront of heat pump technology for more than thirty five years. It has recently been voted ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD 2010 and ENERGY SAVING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD 2009 in Australia.

The compact cylindrical unit holds 303 litres of water and, with temperature settings at 60ºC, can deliver 516 litres of mixed water at 40ºC, providing savings of up to 80% on electricity consumption compared to a normal domestic geyser.

The WWK300 also has advantages when compared to solar water heating systems in that it works at night and when the weather is cloudy. The heat pump is robust enough to be installed indoors or outdoors, even at the coast, and it has a low noise level.

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