Kit Kat goes solar at Benoni Cash & Carry site

In a bid to reduce its carbon footprint, mitigate load shedding and become less reliant on the national grid, the Kit Kat group has completed a solar power installation at its Benoni Cash & Carry store.

Benoni Cash & Carry Kit Kat Group Solar Energy

The 530KWP project, comprising 1600 PV panels on the roof and 17 inverters, has to date, since the completion of the project in December 2018, resulted in the saving of 265 MWh. It has seen a carbon reduction effect of 103,938 kgs CO2te: the equivalent of planting 273 trees and a saving of 70 tons of carbon emissions.

“This installation was a priority for us when we started the development of the Benoni site, based on a combination of reducing our dependence on the grid, reducing operating costs and the cost-savings where we will see a return on investment within a two to three-year period. Another key factor is the increasing awareness of environmental issues. The abundance of sunshine in South Africa made solar power and its strong environmental credentials the obvious choice for this location as we believe in embracing alternative eco-friendly energy sources,” says Kit Kat group CEO Riaz Gani.

“Furthering the strong argument for solar power, in an environment where consumers are plagued by rising costs, the potential to reduce our operating expenses will have a positive impact on our ability to continue to provide our customers with excellent value for money,” Gani adds.

The Benoni solar installation is the first of a planned roll-out of solar projects at other Kit Kat locations.

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