Saving standby energy

Radiant-Trickle-Star-PCAnother innovative, energy-saving product introduced by Radiant Lighting and Electrical (Radiant) enables computer users and TV home theatre users to save electricity. The Trickle Star automatically switches off all other equipment attached to either the computer or TV – such as printers, modems, amplifiers, DVD players and speakers – when the PC is shut down or the TV is switched off with the remote control.

Executive director of Electrical Product Development at Radiant, Graham Chick, says, “When appliances are in standby mode they consume small amounts of electricity unnecessarily. Over time this can add up to large amounts of power, especially when thousands of people behave the same way. The Tricklesaver is effortless to use and reduces electricity wasted on standby power for PC peripherals and home theatre accessories.”

Some computer users leave their machines in sleep mode so that when they switch on again, the computer boots up almost immediately. To provide this instant-on feature, the computer is fed a constant trickle of power so that it is ready for action. This is one reason why standby power is also known as ‘vampire power’ – as energy is continuously sucked out of the grid. Studies show that between 5 and 10% of power consumed in the average home is used by appliances and home electronics while the devices are on standby.

“Even if you switch off your computer, other appliances may be drawing small amounts of electricity,” says Chick. “Instead of having to turn off each device separately, the Trickle Star conveniently does it all for you.”

The Trickleswitch, a manual control for the PC Tricklesaver, is also available. It sits on the desk so the PC user can manually switch all PC peripherals on or off. Anyone can use the Trickle Star or the Trickleswitch to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

The new Trickle Star is available from leading lighting and electrical wholesalers.

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