Energy-saving solutions on the high street

Energywise in Durban supplies a range of energy-saving and water-saving products for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.Specialist energy-saving outlet in Durban, Energywise, supplies a wide range of energy-saving products for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Andrea Barausse, a specialist lighting engineer and the mastermind behind Energywise, says, “Glenwood is currently home to five companies determined to make a difference to energy efficiency in our country. Energywise was opened last year as a one-stop energy solutions store offering a wealth of energy-efficient information and products – relevant not only to industry but also to homeowners.

“The tactile and visual educational experience includes a demonstration on the differences between old-school light globes and the latest energy-saving solutions. A working hydro-station demonstrates how much more water conventional showerheads use, as opposed to modern, low-water-consumption showerheads.”

Energywise also supplies heat-pumps, solar panels, wind turbines, grey water systems and rain catchment systems. A range of water restrictors and flow regulators for bathroom and kitchen taps, showerheads, an eco-kettle and even a bio-wash ball for detergent-free clothes washing are also available.

Energy-saving multi-plugs, globes, motion sensors and energy meters are stocked. Energywise also provides colour-coded recycling bins, which are supported by a weekly collection service.

Energywise has been presented with an award for the ‘best energy company of the year’ by the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) and has also earned an ‘eta’ award from Eskom and the Department of Energy.

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