Energy-saving lighting control systems

Wattstopper lighting control systems from Legrand can be used in a wide range of applications to save energy and reduce costs.Wattstopper occupancy sensors form part of Legrand’s range of energy-efficient products and systems for lighting control and can save hours of wasted electricity every day.

Timothy Mountjoy, national sales manager for Legrand South Africa, says, “This range of switches and sensors, based on passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies, is designed to switch lighting off in unoccupied areas.

Wattstopper occupancy sensors monitor and control lighting by detecting occupancy and motion and can contribute to substantial energy savings in commercial, domestic and industrial applications.”

Passive infrared technology senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space. The sensors rely on a clear line of sight and can provide 100% coverage. The units have a unique Fresnel lens that divides the coverage into zones, enhancing detection of small movement, without false activations.

The flat, low-profile design of passive infrared ceiling-mount sensors leaves ceilings uncluttered. The automatic wall switches offer features like terminal style wiring, which simplifies installation, and the technology to adjust time delays and sensitivity automatically, based on usage patterns.

Ultrasonic sensors are based on the Doppler effect and work by bouncing ultrasonic waves off objects in an area and measuring the time it takes for the waves to return, to detect occupancy. Wattstopper ultrasonic sensors automatically adjust the signal detection threshold to compensate for changing levels of activity and air flow. This helps to eliminate false ‘on’ activations common in other ultrasonic sensors.

Dual technology sensors, which ensure optimum sensitivity and coverage without the threat of false triggers, offer the greatest energy savings. These sensors are able to detect the slightest motion and keep lights on as long as the space is occupied. Ultrasonic and dual technology sensors have diffusers that are able to distribute the ultrasound evenly for more comprehensive coverage of the controlled area.

Wattstopper Smartset technology means no adjustments are needed at installation. Smartset monitors usage patterns and automatically adjusts the time delay and sensitivity settings for optimal performance and maximum energy savings.

These lighting control systems are available nationally through Legrand’s distributor network. The company also offers a technical advisory and back-up service.

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