Eco friendly cleaning technology now in SA

The new eco-friendly ec-H2O cleaning technology is available in hand-driven and ride-on Tennant machines from Goscor Cleaning Equipment.Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s new Tennant ec-H2O™ technology has been heralded as a ‘miracle cleaner’, given its effectiveness as a cleaning agent and its eco-friendly attributes.

“The new technology converts plain tap water into an effective cleaning agent and there are no chemicals involved,” says Alex Theodoridis, Goscor Cleaning Equipment’s national sales manager. “Users are therefore reducing the carbon footprint normally associated with chemical cleaning and they can cut water usage by as much as 70%.”

The ec-H2O technology is contained in the application equipment, whether it’s a hand-held applicator or a ride-on M30 Tennant sweeper/scrubber designed to tackle the biggest jobs.

A Tennant innovation, originated in the USA, ec-H2O is an ion-exchange technology based on the electrolysis of water, which has been around for over 100 years. Plain tap water is passed through an electrical cell that applies a small electrical charge; the charged water is then passed through an ion-exchange membrane where it is separated into an oxygenated mixture of positively and negatively charged nano bubbles. When the ionised water is brought into contact with a grubby surface, it loosens the dirt which can then be wiped away.

While the technology has been tested successfully abroad, to ensure its efficacy in local conditions, Goscor first tested water from various locations to determine its quality and mineral content, which proved satisfactory. It then secured a number of test sites.

At Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg the cleaning contractor, Neledzi Cleaning Services, helped in the implementation of the test. Patrick Makhubela from the cleaning company commented: ”In my 15 years in the cleaning industry I have never seen a conceptual product, such as ec-H2O, actually work as well as this does.”

At another test site, the Pick n Pay Hyper in Montana, Kobie Steenkamp, operations executive at GP Retail Operations, organised dedicated areas for the test. Steenkamp was sufficiently impressed with the machine that his company purchased one outright. He congratulated Goscor Cleaning and welcomed this “latest in cleaning technology” in the ec-H2O machine.

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