Gravity defying stairs

Stair Art’s design speciality is modern contemporary gravity defying stairs.

Their custom built stairs incorporate materials such as stainless steel (brushed or mirror finish), exotic hardwoods (teak, cherry woods), bamboo and/or glass.

All  staircase components are custom manufactured  in-house. No components are imported and all are designed especially for your staircase.

3D realistic drawings are provided by Stair Art. This means the design submitted by the client can be  fine tuned and allows for easy design changes if necessary.

Pictured here is a full floating staircase – one of the more dramatic stairs manufactured by Stair Art in that it has no main support to carry the stairs. It incorporates dark stained Mahogany in combination with the Torpedo stainless steel balustrades.

And here is a one of a kind staircase where the complete undercarriage and treads were fabricated from Plexiglas.

All components holding the staircase stringers and treads in place were manufactured in the Stair Art workshop. This feat would not have been possible without the flexibility that manufacturing their own components offers them.

Stair Art has been manufacturing purpose made stairs since 1999 and are equipped to handle any staircase design that you may come up with. They have their own CNC machinery, wood working tools, tube rollers and more to ensure they can build any design you come up with.

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