Go green with Cobra and solar power

Solar power rapidly becoming the energy source of choice for household water heating

With an increasing number of ordinary South Africans seeking to introduce ways to reduce their household carbon footprint, solar power is rapidly becoming the energy source of choice for household water heating.  Cobra Watertech, as part of its ongoing commitment to Going Green, introduces a solar water heating solution that makes it affordable and uncomplicated for householders to make the move from electricity to solar water heating.

Solar water heating isn’t a new concept — it actually dates back to the 1920s. Today global technical innovations have improved the performance, life expectancy and ease of use of these systems.

Heating water for household needs consumes the biggest amount of electricity in the average South African home, so it makes economic sense to take advantage of the natural energy our country has in such abundance. A Cobra solar water heating system will save on electricity bills and will also increase the value of homeowner’s properties.

The first step in converting solar water heating is to assess your customer’s needs and specify the right system for their home. If their existing hot water geysers are still in good condition, you can connect the solar panels directly to the existing geysers without interfering with the geyser installation or warranties.

The Cobra solar power control system includes a timer which is preset to switch on the geyser element to boost the water temperature to ensure a regular and sufficient supply of hot water. During times of increased hot water consumption, the control panel has a special manual booster switch which enables the homeowner to switch over to geyser element heating to make up the shortfall.

All Cobra solar systems are supplied with SABS certification along with guarantees and warranties according to parts, installation and special conditions.

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