Genuine sandstone – a unique investment

All over the world each individual layer of earth yields a multitude of sandstone varieties, every one unique to the area and delivering a vast rainbow of beautiful colours and hues.

Lovers of sandstone know that the variations in colour, style and texture cannot be copied effectively. Genuine sandstone cladding is visually interesting and beautiful to the eye. Because genuine sandstone is mined from the earth and not artificially manufactured, it is eco-friendly and the natural choice for an authentic and ‘earthy’ look.

A natural product such as sandstone offers many attractive environmentally friendly advantages, including a long lifecycle and easy maintenance.

Investing in sandstone for your building projects affirms a belief in preserving, restoring and improving the natural environment. Incorporating natural sandstone in the building design evokes harmony between the building and the surrounding landscape.

Desre Sandstone strives to be eco-friendly by conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimising waste.

Desre Sandstone has 40 trained sandstone masons fully equipped to create and finish any sandstone requirement – be it sandstone cladding on a feature wall, braai, chimney, entrance hall, bedroom, bathroom, gazebo, garden wall or garden water feature.

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