Geberit in the top 10 of the World’s Top 100 Sustainable Companies

Geberit, well known for its water-saving plumsbing and sanitary technology, has been recognised for its overall commitment to Sustainability at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland on 27th January 2010.

The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World is an annual project initiated by Corporate Knights, the magazine for clean capitalism. In 2010, Corporate Knights collaborated with three strategic partners to identify the Corporate Knights Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. The aim is to highlight the global corporations which have been most proactive in managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues over the past year.

The Top 10 most sustainable companies included General Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, TNT NV, Hennes & Mauritz, Nokia, Siemens, Unilever, Vodafone and Smiths Group. Geberit is the only plumbing and sanitary manufacturer to make the list.

Geberit being named amongst the Top 10 of the World’s Top 100 Sustainable Companies is a huge honour and further supports and validates their continuing commitment to being environmentally responsible in everything they do.

In harsh economic times, questions are often asked of companies as to whether sustainability and the related efforts are becoming less important and worthwhile.

At Geberit the opposite view is taken: Sustainability is part of the Geberit culture – whether there is a crisis or not, people have to think about sustainability today and act accordingly.

On this note, their new Sustainability Report 2010 clearly shows what efforts Geberit has undertaken in the area of sustainability over the past years, what results have been achieved and how high the standards have been set for the years ahead.

With the Sustainability Report 2010, Geberit has again been awarded transparency grade A – the highest possible assessment under the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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keyboard_arrow_upGoing touchless – public bathrooms
keyboard_arrow_downGoing touchless – public bathrooms

Hygiene is the most important factor to consider in public bathrooms and the Geberit team believe that a touchless environment is key. The fewer shoppers or maintenance staff need to handle items, the better from a sanitary and hygiene perspective. Geberit sees touchless use in the public sector growing at an astounding rate and define […]

keyboard_arrow_upArtful silo
keyboard_arrow_downArtful silo

A grain silo in Cape Town harbour is becoming a focal point for art emerging from the African continent. The designers from the renowned Heatherwick Studio were behind the radical conversion.

keyboard_arrow_upA trip to Switzerland awaits!
keyboard_arrow_downA trip to Switzerland awaits!

Geberit, the leader in sanitary technology, is giving you the chance to experience Zurich, a spectacular city that perfectly blends urban life with nature’s splendour. To enter, simply follow the link below, watch our short video and correctly answer the accompanying question. The winner will receive return flights and 4/5-star accommodation for two in Zurich. […]

keyboard_arrow_upAre you up for the challenge?
keyboard_arrow_downAre you up for the challenge?

Here is your chance to be creative and have your vision come to life, by competing in this exciting Geberit Bathroom Design Challenge where you stand a chance to win a trip overseas. Do you work in the Design Industry or are you a Design Student? Are you looking for a creative outlet to express […]

keyboard_arrow_upEnsuring that everything matches
keyboard_arrow_downEnsuring that everything matches

Any bathroom can be reliably planned with the Geberit online specification tool

keyboard_arrow_upDraining water from the roof quickly
keyboard_arrow_downDraining water from the roof quickly

A really good roof drainage system only needs to be able to do one thing – drain water from the roof quickly and in a controlled manner. To further simplify the installation of the Pluvia roof drainage system, Geberit has now completely redesigned its roof outlets. The new roof outlets are not only more convenient […]

keyboard_arrow_upThe new Geberit tap system for public and semi-public sanitary facilities
keyboard_arrow_downThe new Geberit tap system for public and semi-public sanitary facilities

Geberit’s new tap system is helping to bring about a change in thinking: Electronic washbasin taps can be slim and elegant and still be very robust. They can also be installed both in the wall and in the washbasin quickly and without any errors at the first attempt. The new Geberit tap system is now available.

keyboard_arrow_upNew bathroom solutions from Geberit
keyboard_arrow_downNew bathroom solutions from Geberit

For the first time in South Africa, the Geberit bathroom series - comprising ceramic sanitary appliances and bathroom furniture – will be available. The series that will be sold solely with the Geberit logo in Southern Africa will include Geberit Citterio, Geberit Xeno2, Geberit iCon, Geberit Smyle and Geberit Abalona.

keyboard_arrow_upClean and attractive
keyboard_arrow_downClean and attractive

The latest trend is an open, floor-even shower with an elegant stainless steel drain. The Geberit CleanLine shower channel is an innovative solution which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ticks all the boxes when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. 

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit Alpha range now offers a slim 8cm cistern
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit Alpha range now offers a slim 8cm cistern

The Geberit Alpha range now offers a slim 8cm cistern which is complemented with three additional actuator plate designs. These sleek new designs are elegant, modern, produced to the highest standards, long-lasting and easy to clean. The Geberit design tradition is easily recognisable.

keyboard_arrow_upFor all public and semi-public washroom installations
keyboard_arrow_downFor all public and semi-public washroom installations

Flexibility is the signature feature of the new Geberit urinal system. Geberit offers the perfect solution for virtually any requirement and any construction project in public and semi-public areas. The comprehensive product range means that the planning, installation and maintenance of urinal systems are all greatly simplified.

keyboard_arrow_upNew ergonomically designed Geberit concealed cistern
keyboard_arrow_downNew ergonomically designed Geberit concealed cistern

There is a definite trend towards the bathroom being viewed as one’s personal space for peace and relaxation. Design, comfort and quality are therefore playing an ever-greater role.

keyboard_arrow_upAlways a clean solution
keyboard_arrow_downAlways a clean solution

The Rimfree® toilet is a revolutionary new product and design that has completely eliminated the ceramic collar on the inside of the toilet bowl. Together with innovative flushing technology, this makes it ultra-hygienic, easy to clean and eco-friendly. 

keyboard_arrow_upFinding calmness
keyboard_arrow_downFinding calmness

The trend in bathrooms is towards a minimalistic and elegant look, where the bathroom is an oasis and sanctuary for relaxation. Form and function meet creative and beautiful design, along with innovative use of space. 

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit CleanLine shower channels for floor-even showers
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit CleanLine shower channels for floor-even showers

Geberit CleanLine shower channels can be customised to suit the exact size of the showering area and are very user-friendly. They represent a new innovation in every respect. 

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit Enter the Simply Swiss competition
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit Enter the Simply Swiss competition

People abroad see the Swiss as a chocolate and cheese eating, alphorn blowing and yodelling nation that is ruled by perfectionism, and timed by precision watches; a law-abiding nation that takes seriousness very seriously and sleeps with guns under their pillows in their well structured and efficient Switzerland.

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit bathroom solutions: concealed cisterns, odour extractors and actuator plates
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit bathroom solutions: concealed cisterns, odour extractors and actuator plates

Geberit DuoFresh brings a whole new freshness to the bathroom as it extracts nasty odours straight from the toilet bowl, without you even knowing it is there, as it’s cleverly concealed within the cistern behind the wall. 

keyboard_arrow_upConnect, adjust, done
keyboard_arrow_downConnect, adjust, done

Geberit premium filling and flush valves are easy and quick to install – ideal for fixing or upgrading top flush toilets, and suitable for both bottom or side water inlets.

keyboard_arrow_upLighting up the bathroom
keyboard_arrow_downLighting up the bathroom

The Geberit Monolith sanitary module for toilets features an effective odour extraction unit, a discreet orientation light and electronic actuator buttons. It is available for wall-hung, floor-standing toilets and Geberit AquaClean Shower toilets.

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit perfects innovative in-wall shower drain
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit perfects innovative in-wall shower drain

A practical solution, proving to be a popular choice in both bathroom renovation projects and new buildings alike, is the installation of the shower drain in the wall.

keyboard_arrow_upA new dimension in cleanliness – the AquaClean Sela shower toilet
keyboard_arrow_downA new dimension in cleanliness – the AquaClean Sela shower toilet

The new Geberit AquaClean Sela impresses with its elegant and stylish design combined with impressive sophisticated technology. It’s compact, yet sleek, and has already won several design awards.

keyboard_arrow_upSpecialising in shower drainage
keyboard_arrow_downSpecialising in shower drainage

One of the most popular questions Geberit is asked relates to renovating bathrooms into an open-plan design, with a floor-even shower. 

keyboard_arrow_upA shower solution where perfect form meets perfect function
keyboard_arrow_downA shower solution where perfect form meets perfect function

Enjoy an open-plan, spacious and elegant bathroom with the innovative products from Geberit, designed with the perfect shower in mind.

keyboard_arrow_upTips for bathroom renovations
keyboard_arrow_downTips for bathroom renovations

Many of us have “war-stories” about renovating bathrooms whether from experience or from other’s experience – and hindsight is 20-20. Geberit would like to offer some suggestions before renovating which aims to take some of the guess-work out of bathroom refurbishments.

keyboard_arrow_upGeberit on tour
keyboard_arrow_downGeberit on tour

The ever popular Geberit On Tour event, which has taken Europe and the UK by storm, is now in Africa. Geberit On Tour will be continuing on their route, travelling throughout South Africa, spending time at local plumbing retailers and merchants along their way.

keyboard_arrow_upExperience illumination
keyboard_arrow_downExperience illumination

Experience illumination in a selection of colours with the Geberit Sigma80 in your bathroom.

keyboard_arrow_upImpressively simple sanitary modules expanded
keyboard_arrow_downImpressively simple sanitary modules expanded

With a variety of possible combinations, the Geberit Monolith range extends to include the bidet.

keyboard_arrow_upTimeless design and classic simplicity of the Geberit Sigma01 Flush Plate
keyboard_arrow_downTimeless design and classic simplicity of the Geberit Sigma01 Flush Plate

The next generation flush plate from Geberit reveals an elegant and sleek design with new colours to choose from.

keyboard_arrow_upImpressively simple
keyboard_arrow_downImpressively simple

Lack of ideas is seldom the problem when renovating your bathroom. More of an issue is existing plumbing that often gets in the way of turning ideas into reality. The Geberit Monolith provides a way to replace an existing WC with a fascinating piece of design. The Geberit Monolith is a flexible sanitary module, with an integral cistern

keyboard_arrow_upFresh air, always
keyboard_arrow_downFresh air, always

Geberit DuoFresh brings pure fresh air into the bathroom with odour extraction behind the actuator plate