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Aluwood Garage Door

Aluwood Projects’ new aluminium garage door is ready to set the market ablaze with its revolutionary design and wood look finishes. This door is second to none in the current market. The ALDoor is backed by the well???known “Wispeco Aluminium” brand.

With enhanced features this door is a must have for every home owner:

??? The door is lightweight, strong and beautiful

??? Low maintenance

??? Easy to install

??? Smooth and quiet operation

??? Easy to replace a damaged panel

The door is available in a range of Wispeco woodlook and other standard powder coated colours. Options include mahogany, cherry, old oak, walnut, black, bronze, cream and white.

Stocked and installed by Aluwood Projects, contact them now for more details ??? Deon or Mark

Office Tel: 012 541 3251 or email:

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