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Bergvik Iso Floor Raised FlooringIso Floor is a dynamic raised floor, supplied by Bergvik, a global leader and trusted supplier of raised access flooring systems and seismic bracing solutions for world class, mission critical data center and telecom operators in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Dynamic Iso Floor System’s unique design allows it to easily adjust to ever-changing technologies; equipment densities; and increased cooling demands.

Benefits with Iso Floor:

  • The high lateral stability means that all panels can be removed without the risk of the floor shifting. Floor heights available from 12 to 94 inches in non seismic zones
  • Up to 25% more equipment on the same footprint compare to traditional pedestal floors.
  • Up to 70% less pedestal supports than with conventional static floors
  • Custom size floor panels will optimize the data center or telecom room with any cabinet depths. Panels are therefore fully removable in the aisles, which makes it easy for service and supplementation of the equipment.
  • Unique system flexibility means future equipment expansion (life cycle) can be built into the floor design.
  • All equipment mounted on the floor can be bolted directly to the Iso Floor structure.
  • The all-bolted steel floor structure is sufficiently grounded with only two (2) grounding wires attached in opposite corners of the floor mechanics.
  • Highly wear resistant floor panels are direct-laminated to prevent delamination.
  • The Bergvik Laminate is highly resistant to harsh solvents and chemicals.
  • Standard design solutions available for all seismic zones.
  • NEBS tested seismic bracing frames for zone 3-4 will integrate with the floor mechanics.
  • Installations in more than 100 countries since 1970.

The flexible and adaptable floor construction allows designing for loads of up to 800 lbs/sf (40 kN/m2.) Distances between support members (Lx,Ly,Lz) are the factors guiding the design. It is important to always specify the load requirements during project planning and invitation to tender. During CAD design of the floor each floor goes through an advanced load calculation that becomes a part of the floor documentation.

The floor is built up around a prefabricated steel substructure that is firmly bolted together. It consists of tubular beam sections measuring 80 mm x 40 mm. The pedestal supports, manufactured from the same beam section, are adjustable +/- 25 mm from the nominal floor height. Beam sections and assembly parts are hot dip galvanised Z275), thereby complying with general requirements for buildings.

The substructure is quickly and easily bolted together onsite. The pedestal supports are pre-assembled and shipped in a kit together with all profiles and assembly parts. Each floor comes with a detailed mounting instruction in the form of a floor installation CAD-drawing with all dimensions indicated. The floor panels, which are gravity mounted on top of the secondary beam sections, can easily be removed by using the lifting tool supplied. The shipment also includes maintenance and cleaning instructions.

As standard, the woodcore panel is made from a 1.5″ (38 mm) high-density and moisture resistant particleboard with a superior e-module. Bergvik’s standard floor panel is manufactured in 24×24 inch or 600 mm x 600 mm size, but various project-adapted sizes can also be supplied if specified.

Bergvik Iso Floor Access Flooring Bergvik Iso Floor Vodacom Data Centre

As a standard, the panel is delivered with the Bergvik laminate surface finish, which is antistatic, extremely wear-resistant, and easy to clean. Severe stains, such as paint or ink, are easily removed by, e.g. rubbing alcohol. The laminate is also resistant to battery acid. The laminate is direct-laminated, and therefore has no glue that may cause delamination.

Decor M335 Granite with a non-directional colour pattern is the standard finish. This panel. with a laminated metal backing, is classified as class 1 in accordance with ASTM E84 and NFPA 266.

Bergvik Laminate floor panels are environmentally safe and fully recyclable. Type-approval certificates are provided upon request. All panel types can be delivered as ventilated panels, alternate having inserted ventilation air grilles and cable grommets.

Up to 25% more equipment on the same footprint compared to traditional pedestal floors. This can be achieved by using one (1) 36" custom panel in the cold aisles vs. using two (2) standard 24" panels.

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