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Three exciting new options in Van Dyck Floors’ commercial carpet range

The past few years have seen a surge in the installation of carpets within the commercial sector and flooring specialists, Van Dyck Floors, are meeting this demand with the introduction of three new broadloom options – Alethea, Spontini and Chambord.

Alethea loop pile carpet for heavy commercial use by Van Dyck

“There are many benefits associated with carpets – such as improved acoustics, noise reduction and enhanced indoor air quality – that make them a popular choice for the workplace,” explained Bernd de Smedt, Sales and Marketing Director of Van Dyck Floors, a division of PFE International. “There is a constant demand for tufted commercial broadloom ranges which is why Van Dyck Floors has chosen to increase our options in this product offering. The style, colours and textures of Alethea, Spontini and Chambord differ from our current options.”

Spontini – the latest carpet option from Van Dyck Floors

Van Dyck Floors introduces Spontini heavy commercial carpet

Alethea is a vintage-looking wall-to-wall fitted carpet. It is a heavy commercial broadloom in a width of four metres – although rugs can also be made upon request. This loop pile carpet has an overprint pattern and comes in a range of six colour fusions consisting of beige, blue, charcoal, brown and turquoise. The vintage design style combined with striking colours makes this a very beautiful carpet that will transform any ordinary area into an exciting space.

Also available in a four metre-width, the Spontini is a chunky loop-pile, tip-sheared carpet with a luxurious underfoot feel. Available in a palette of classical tones – beiges, greys, blues and reds – the tip-sheared aspect creates an incredibly unique, classy texture.

Varying from the other two broadloom options, Chambord is a softer and very different-looking carpet, also available in a width of four metres. This printed cut-pile velour carpet has an elegant aesthetic that works in six popular colours – gold, earth, grey, black, blue and burgundy.

Chambord broadloom carpet by Van Dyck Floors

Chambord is a soft printed cut-pile velour carpet by Van Dyck Floors

The broadloom carpet ranges are extremely durable making them ideally suited to the commercial environment. They are easy to install, easy to clean and create a soft, soothing space that promotes a harmonious work environment.

Van Dyck Floors is also a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa and adopts sustainable practices. This 70-year-young organisation boasts the ISO 14001 certificate, Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon certificate, and achieved a 40% reduction in its carbon footprint over the past four years.

“With seven decades of industry experience, we pride ourselves in knowing the market trends and constantly expanding our flooring options to meet customer demands,” continued De Smedt. “These three new commercial carpets bring our total broadloom range to 36 options, and we feel the exuberant colours, the mixture of plain and textured designs, as well as varying patterns will offer our customers something to suit their flooring needs.”

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