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7 Trendy Rugs for Winter

Van Dyck's exciting new rug ranges are the choice for interior design this winter

Vibrant colourful rug

Van Dyck Floors, South Africa’s oldest carpet manufacturer, has noted a changing trend in the market. Customers are opting for laminate and tile floors. Despite this trend, there has been an increase in demand for quality-made carpet rugs to provide a sense of warmth, comfort and enhance the aesthetic of a room. Customers are choosing to add interior enhancing rugs to layover laminate and tile floors, particularly during the cold winter months.

“Rugs are such a simple way to make a really lasting impression on any space,” explained Bernd de Smedt, Sales & Marketing Director of Van Dyck Floors. “In addition to warmth they create in a room, both physically and psychologically, they can completely transform the look and feel depending on colour, texture and placement.”

Customers are leaning towards a more neutral overall palette, but a vibrant rug is a great way to bring in a touch of colour, with the added bonus of a textured feel. Customers desire a sense of softness, comfort and texture to break the smooth, sleek lines of other furnishings. Rugs also improve indoor acoustics as they absorb sounds and noise.

neutral textured rug


Rugs serve as a vital anchoring point for any room, bringing the furniture, colour scheme and nuanced themes together. “It’s important that the rug is correctly positioned within the space, and it also needs to be the correct size. An incorrectly placed rug, or no rug at all, may make the furniture feel as if it is ‘floating’ and the area loses a sense of closeness.”

Van Dyck Floors has identified 7 of it’s most popular carpet ranges, all of which are available in a variety of colours.

These include:

  • Alethea – a vintage rug design fused with a contemporary touch
  • Durban – a textured rug that creates a welcoming atmosphere while adding an extra dimension to the floor
  • Mozart Collection – a masterpiece range that combines fashion, comfort, ease of maintenance and affordability
  • Nature – an organic-feel weather-safe rug which is also ideal for outdoor use
  • Prestige – an affordable, soft cut-pile range with a smooth finish, also available in vibrant colours
  • Shaggy – this range suits most decor styles while adding a cosy touch to any space
  • Romeo – this is a very plush, ultra-soft rug which creates a cosy space

The diverse range of Van Dyck Floor Rugs means that there is a style suited to every interior space. With colours ranging from neutrals – whites, browns and greys – to the more statement red and blue hues, the rug is certain to accentuate the existing decor or transform the room completely.

Van Dyck Floors is a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa and adopts sustainable practices. The 70-year-old organisation boasts the ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environment Management) certificates and is also the only flooring company with an ISO 14064 accreditation, achieving a 40% reduction in its carbon footprint over the past four years.

Van Dyck Floors Contacts

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