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Traviata introduces cost effective new range of glued down vinyl flooring

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ASPECTA 1 vinyl floor by Traviata Flooring“ASPECTA 1” is a range of 46 trend setting tiles and planks with colours to suit every type of space.  The range of embosses also creates authentic, eye catching textures that enhance the natural detail of the designs.

Most exciting is the “Patterned Flooring” which comes in a plank size that allows them to be arranged in a number of bold and interesting ways.  These include single and triple Herringbone, Checker Block, Wicker and Random Stripe patterns.

The beautiful collection of Stone and Masonry designs is available in a captivating range of colours and embosses created using inspiration from all around the world.  These include rough concrete which features traces of the production process such as wood imprints, drying pores and even slight efflorescence, ancient stone effects reminiscent of rich marble or sandstone, and modern ceramic effects with a perfect balance of clay, quartz and oxides.  Finally the Midtown Prism set of six solid colours can be used to make a bold singular colour statement.

There is of course a comprehensive offering of wood grains to finish off the ASPECTA 1 collection.  These range from the traditional rich Cherry and untreated Oaks to robust Pines in a stunning set of grey tones giving a distressed and industrial feel.  From the slowly aged Dockside design that might have once belonged in an old town hall to the washed and limed wood beams of worn, rugged agricultural barns, there is a wood grain for every application. To complement these patterns is a range of embosses including the imperfections of cutting and planning marks together with sophisticated in register finishes.

Because of the size of the offering, Traviata will not be holding stock locally.  Instead stock will be drawn from a number of strategically positioned warehouses around the world.  This allows for smaller order quantities and reduced lead times of four to five weeks.

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