Transport hub considers pedestrian traffic

Terraforce-at-Athlone-Public-Transport-Centre-CTAt the new public transport hub in Athlone, Cape Town, Terraforce concrete retaining blocks have been used to ease the flow of pedestrian traffic and offer informal seating in the forecourt of the centre. Strategically situated at the intersection of the N2 highway and Vanguard Drive, this R100 million provincial government development provides a central hub for public transport and vehicle related issues.

It will also house a new Public Transport Operating Entity and a CCTV control room that will monitor Cape Town’s traffic and the public transport system.Together with the existing Vanguard Mall next door, the new transport hub creates a growth point in Athlone. An east-west pedestrian-friendly activity spine links the Vangate commercial development to the transport centre.

The raised forecourt and ground level of the building are designed to allow for an easy flow of pedestrian traffic between the entrance hall and parking area, and for spectator seating for informal netball that is played after hours on the paved parking square.

The forecourt combines a series of retaining structures – ramps, stairways and informal seating – which were constructed using Terraforce blocks. The L18 retaining blocks are used for the risers in the seating areas, and the 4×4 step blocks for the stairs, seats and the matching details around the column bases. In total, 1 700 4×4 step blocks and 800 L18 blocks were used to complete the installation.

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