Tile Africa offers Wicanders Cork Floors seen here in Classic WalnutTile Africa Commercial launched its first ever Wicanders cork floors at Decorex earlier this year. Known to give the ultimate comfort, Wicanders cork floors are a game-changer in the décor industry as they offer warmth, a low noise finish and sustainability.

The cork used in Wicanders comes from the bark of the cork oak tree. Through the use of innovative Corktech technology, the cork can be produced into quality products which offer elasticity, resistance, low weight and are impermeable to liquids and gases. Cork, which is recognised as a renewable resource, is ideal for green building trends – which aim to protect natural resources while offering the best in floor and wall coverings.

Wicanders is manufactured with the finest cork to provide the most comfortable, noise reduction and warm flooring. This is done through Corktech, a multilayer structure of natural cork. The different layers in the Wicanders range offer a protective wear layer which is comfortable for people who love walking barefoot in the house. The decorative material is also perfect to suit your style and design.

Corks’ elasticity feature renders it safe to pressure, meaning that your floor will not be damaged should something fall on it. “Tests show that Wicanders cork floors have the highest shock absorbing performance,” says Dyssel.

Cork products truly stand out by offering the ultimate comfort. The biggest factor of the cork evolution is wellness. The various layers in a cork floor create flexibility which accommodates comfortable walking, relaxation and enjoyment.

The combination of various layers of cork help with noise reduction as cork has an impact sound reduction reinforcement. Cork is a natural sound absorber and it prevents noise from penetrating to other rooms making it a good choice for residential areas.

Another benefit of having cork flooring is its ability to retain heat and provide warmth. The Wicanders range maintains an optimum floor temperature and creates a warm, comfortable family home which is also suitable for children.

Wicanders embraces nature and promotes the protection of the environment. Cork is sustainable and is harvested without harming the trees. Cork from the trees is intermittently removed and is harvested by hand. “Regular extraction of cork is a fundamental contribution for environmental, economic and social sustainability of the rural areas in which it is farmed,” says Dyssel.

The development of Corktech has made it possible for cork to be used in various industries ranging from motor vehicles interior, space shuttles and even sportswear. The beauty, comfort and durability offered by cork flooring has made it suitable for places such as hotels, homes, and hospitals, as well as tourist attraction areas.

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