The right products for concrete floor repair

 The floor of the Steel Junxion warehouse – before and after it was repaired with Chryso products. The floor of the Steel Junxion warehouse – before and after it was repaired with Chryso products.Chryso South Africa supplied the products for a major flooring repair project in Gaborone, Botswana, to set right a concrete floor that had failed soon after it had been completed.

Mark Oosthuizen of Material Testing Services (MTS), Chryso’s distributor in Botswana, says the repair work was done on a newly laid 11 500m² floor at Steel Junxion warehouse.

“Although new, the floor had failed extensively and required major repairs,” says Oosthuizen. “The joints were very poor and some of the slabs had started curling. In places, there was a height difference of up to 50mm between adjacent slabs.”

MTS was assigned to handle the entire repair project and to provide the necessary repair products.

“Our proposal was to cut back the joints to 400mm – wide enough to allow us to even out the difference in heights between the slabs, or at least to spread the difference evenly over a wider area,” Oosthuizen explains. “The voids were then filled with Chryso GP cement grout, providing a surface strength of 60MPa, and the joints were re-established with a 3mm cut and sealed with Chryso Seal MC.

“Special care was taken to ensure that the cuts were straight and we prevented the GP grout from drying too quickly by applying Chryso Cure Acrylic.

“MTS also cast Chryso GP Grout under all the steel column bases of the warehouse and reinstated all the damaged stub columns,” Oosthuizen adds.

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