Epoxy floor coating for Cape Town gallery

abe-CC-Misael-SA-galleryA specialised epoxy floor coating supplied by a.b.e. Construction Chemicals has been used for new floors at the Misael SA Art & Design centre in Cape Town.

The centre is primarily an art gallery but also provides a venue for live music concerts and a gathering place for Capetonians. Peet du Preez, technical sales consultant for a.b.e. in the Western Cape, says about 400m² of 1mm thick abecote 400 Hi-build coating was applied to the floor of the lifestyle centre in the Cape Town city centre. The coating was applied by Industrial Flooring Systems (IFS).

a.b.e.’s abecote 400 Hi-build is an economical, four-component solvent-free epoxy flooring system comprising a clear resin and hardener, pre-packed filler and ready-to-use pigment paste. The coating is suitable for a wide variety of applications including ablution blocks, walkways, food processing plants, hospitals and schools. It can also be used as a binder for abrasive grit to yield non-slip floor finishes. abecote 400 Hi-build provides a strong, protective floor coating which is seamless and hygienic and offers good resistance to chemicals. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces and is available in a wide range of colours. The coating requires minimal maintenance.

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