Easy and effective repair for concrete floors

Smooth ‘n Patch provides an easy-to-apply and long-lasting repair for damaged concrete floors.Smooth ‘n Patch is a cement-based mortar with a resin compound additive which provides for effective and long-lasting repair of damaged concrete floors.

Mike Grose, founder and chairman of specialist building and materials manufacturing company, Technical Finishes, says, “Huge sums are spent every year in South Africa on breaking up and replacing concrete floors when Smooth ‘n Patch offers a perfectly simple repair alternative.”

This product is one of Technical Finishes’ oldest and most widely appreciated products. It is supplied in 25kg bags, to which five litres of liquid, also supplied, are added for mixing on site. The mix is trowelled into the area requiring repair and will then cure in 12 hours.

The cured surface can take heavy rolling loads and is guaranteed to last longer than most concrete products.

“Experience has shown that Smooth ‘n Patch can double or even treble the life of concrete floors subjected to daily impact from heavy equipment such as forklift trucks, tractors and trolleys,” says Grose.

“Over the years, many attempts have been made to produce a product that would compete with Smooth ‘n Patch but none has yet been able to rival its easy workability, its strength and the smoothness of its finish.”

Technical Finishes has been in business for 21 years and with factories in Johannesburg and Cape Town it has about 200 building related products to its name.

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