Chryso South Africa is the first producer of construction chemicals to become a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

The GBCSA is leading the transformation of the South African property industry with the aim of ensuring that all buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way.

Chryso SA, currently in its 14th year of operation, is a subsidiary of the French Materis Group. The company, which has supplied admixtures for most of South Africa’s new FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup™ stadiums, as well as for the Gautrain project among other multimillion rand infrastructural developments, has recently introduced several new ‘green’ products for the construction industry.

Among these are the two new Davco dustless tile adhesives: Davco SAC 28 ECO and Davco TTB.

The company has also launched a product that is seen as the world’s first synthetic replacement for hydrochloric acid and caustic cleaning agents for the building, construction and readymix sectors. Chryso’s Syntech synthetic acid is used to clean readymix concrete vehicles, drums, and extension chutes in an environmentally responsible manner. Derivatives of Syntech are also available for specific concrete cleaning applications.

Another new green product from Chryso is Envirosafe, a non-toxic, low viscosity, synthetic masonry cleaner which dissolves more calcium carbonate and efflorescence than hydrochloric or phosphoric acid. It can be used to remove mortar smears, grout residue, cement and efflorescence from bricks, walls and finished concrete, and for a range of other masonry cleaning applications.

Chryso also supplies organic grinding aids to the cement industry to make the grinding process more energy-efficient.

Commenting on Chryso’s membership of the GBCSA, the company’s managing director, Norman Seymore, says Chryso is committed to the principles of sustainable development, in its range of products and business practices. “Our membership of the GBCSA is another sign of our focus and commitment to sustainable development, which is vitally required in South Africa.”

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