Finding your way

The Triline Wayfinding Signage System is a modular sign system designed with maximum functionality and simplicity in mind.

With a unique focus on versatility, Triline is the ultimate solution for both interior and exterior signage projects and wayfinding solutions. Each Triline project can be customized to a specific need allowing a more accurate installation while providing an optimal way finding system solution. The Triline system offers a variety of options for any facility requiring architecturally demanding and aesthetically pleasing wayfinding signage.

All Triline systems have been designed to accept a variety of fabrication and print methods:

  • Laser and rotary engravable plastic substrate inserts, including ADA compliant materials
  • Vinyl graphics appliqué for interior and exterior applications
  • Screen printing
  • Direct digital printing to aluminium surfaces
  • Photopolymer and digitally printed synthetic substrate inserts up to 1/16” thick (1.7mm)
  • Photoluminescent safety signage materials
  • Hand-Lettering

The Triline family of framing systems can be configured for most applications including:

  • Door signs
  • Flag signs
  • Suspended signs
  • Modular Double-sided Totems
  • Multi Flag on Post signs (Interior/exterior)
  • Post and Panel Exterior Signs
  • Desk signs
  • Directory signs
  • Modular Directory totems
  • Modular Triangular Totems
  • Free standing Pylons (back-light capable)
  • Slim Box design for larger interior signage applications with or without lighting

The manufacturer is dedicated to minimizing the product’s impact on the environment. Every aspect of the operation from product development to manufacturing to delivery is analyzed , to ensure that the products are as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.

The Triline system is designed with the best raw materials and anti-vandalism/anti-theft mechanisms to ensure years of carefree service. Triline’s frame components are created from high grade materials and can be completely recycled at the end of the product’s useful life.

All Triline frames and components are designed to be mechanically fastened to the base surface, eliminating the need for adhesives that can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, there are no adhesives used in the assembly of frames or the need for adhesive to fasten sign substrates into the Triline system.

Triline uses only the highest quality materials during manufacturing and production, assuring your finished product will always look fantastic and stand the test of time. The Triline system utilizes only virgin 6060-T6 aluminium, providing a consistent colour throughout the entire length of the extrusions. This hardness allows for ease in fabrication helping to prevent burrs in the finished sign fabrication process.

Triline offers two unique features that are – firstly – the clip-on system that allows for easy modification with a special Triline frame key. The frame key is used to remove and modify the insert of any sign face, directory or totem quickly and efficiently. Secondly, the Triline system is also tamper resistant with its patented "anti-vandalism" feature.

The entire Triline system has been engineered around a range of standard extrusions. The 31mm incremental extrusions range from 31mm to 248mm. Additionally, there is a 15.5 mm high profile for smaller directories that can be used in combination with the larger extrusions. This range of standard profiles can be used in all the above sign systems and designs. This gives you a degree of flexibility and modularity not found in any other sign system. Additionally, flat or curved panels can be used in many of the configurations giving greater flexibility to the designer. The interchangeable nature of the Triline systems makes them extremely easy to install, maintain, and change.

Aluminium is a lightweight material that requires little or no maintenance and is corrosion-resistant. Triline products are made with only the highest quality anodized aluminium (grade 6060-T6). The end result is a product that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. The mill finished aluminium can also be painted creating yet another stunning finish to meet the designer’s vision.

Triline aluminium profiles are manufactured and tested to the highest degree of product tolerance in the industry. This means that each frame and insert fit together seamlessly and are consistent from lot-to-lot and sign-to-sign making additions to your existing Triline system easy.

The entire range of Triline products are distributed in South Africa and other African countries by Sytech Supplies. They can be contacted on 0861SYTECH, or log on to for more information.

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