Soundlite ceiling tiles from Isover

Soundlite ceiling tiles from Isover, part of the Saint-Gobain Construction Products Group, offer exceptional acoustic properties and enhance indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise. They also reduce sound transmission to and from a room or building.

Soundlite ceiling tiles are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial suspended ceilings.

Manufactured from non-combustible inorganic Glasswool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder, Soundlite ceiling tiles are manufactured according to ISO9001:2000.

A decorative vinyl facing is available in two finishes – Coral and Ripple – to provide a durable finish.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Exceptional acoustic properties
  • Good thermal resistance values
  • Safe application and use
  • Will not sag when correctly installed
  • Offers improved light reflection
  • Suitable for use in areas of high relative humidity (up to 95% RH)

Isolite ceiling tiles are odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components. They will not sustain vermin and nor will they breed or promote fungi, mould or bacteria. The ceiling tiles are non-hygroscopic and dust settlement will not hamper performance.

Soundlite ceiling tiles from Isover

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