Turftech multi-use sports facility enhances Anton Van Wouw Primary School in Pretoria

Sports is widely acknowledged as beneficial for youngsters, encouraging active, healthy lifestyles and instilling lifelong lessons about teamwork and commitment. And while South African schools promote such outdoor activities, the costs associated with long-term maintenance of sports facilities can prove exorbitant.

Anton van Wouw primary school installed a Turftech tennis, netball and hockey sports surface

This has seen a rise in popularity of Turftech’s multi-use sports facilities which offer a superior playing surface with minimal maintenance. Pretoria-based Anton Van Wouw Primary School is the latest to experience the benefits of such a facility.

The school opted to convert its old tennis court into a tennis, netball and hockey multi-use facility using the latest Rhino Turf MT15. Installed by Turftech, the leader in natural and synthetic turf technology, the multicourt allows for optimum use of really premium space.

The Rhino Turf used in these multi-sport courts assists in enhancing player performance across various sporting codes. The increasing popularity and the superior performance of the synthetic turf supplied by Rhino Turf through Turftech has seen accreditation from the highest levels of sport, among them FIFA, World Rugby and FIH.

“Sports performance at school level continues to increase which means, equipment and facilities at primary level need to develop to match this sophisticated playing style,” explained Phillip Prinsloo, Sales Manager at Turftech. “Many schools are running out of space to accommodate all the sporting codes required which is why this multi-use sports facility is one of the fastest growing nationwide.”

The Turftech multi-use facility brings down maintenance costs because, unlike traditional hard courts that have to be resurfaced every two to three years, the new artificial surface only needs surface upgrading every eight to 10 years. It also allows schools to accommodate multiple sporting codes and not just tennis and netball. With increased pressure on schools to offer a full sports package to meet various skill requirements, this feature is a real benefit.

Chris Henning, principal of Anton Van Wouw Primary School, said Turftech had exceeded all expectations in the consultation and installation of the facility: “We believe that their product and workmanship is of high standard, enhancing the aesthetic look and functionality of any sports ground,” said Henning.

In addition to the low maintenance, enhanced aesthetic and multifunction, the Turftech multi-use facility is a water-efficient addition to any school, particularly important with the increasing water restrictions. Overall the installation drastically increases the value of the property.

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