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Fastmount® VL-03FR receives fire-rating certification

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Fastmount’s Very Low Profile Range VL-03FR clip set has been fire-resistance certified by the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) in France.

Released in 2017, the VL-03FR clip set has become popular in commercial architecture and superyacht applications. The new fire-rating certification will open more doors for high volume panel fastening specification.

Fastmount VL - 03FR panel mounting clip

Completed by the Safety, Structures and Fire Department at the CSTB in France, the test was completed using a fire-retardant B-class (Euroclass according to EN 13501-1) MDF panel mounted onto wooden framework with the screw-fixed VL-03FR. The conclusion was that the VL-03FR out-performs external screw fixings in this environment.


“Following the results and information mentioned, we can conclude that the use of VL-03FR fixation clips does not degrade the Reaction to Fire behaviour of a fire-retarded MDF wood-based facing on which they are fixed.”  – CSTB, 24 January 2019.

fastmount fire resistant panel mounting clips

Featuring the Very Low Profile range’s ability to be installed without special tools, the VL-03FR set was designed to ensure rapid installation into the low substrate and panel thickness, but also provide a solution for applications where fire-rating certification is non-negotiable. This allows seamless integration of a panel mounting system with fire-rated panel types in both architectural and marine settings.


The clip set creates a strong 10kg pull-out load, making the set perfect for use on wall and ceiling panels, as well as egress or access areas.

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