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Double the wear cycle of your floor finishes

entrance matting to prevent slipping

Dirt abrasion destroys floor finishes, so it makes sense to ensure that they are protected in order to achieve an acceptable lifespan.

Using Mat-Lok barrier mats results in floor tiles being exposed to as little dirt abrasion as possible. As people walk over these entrance mats, their feet are basically ‘vacuum-cleaned’. Ultrafine nylon fibres in the mat pile generate an infinite static charge that attracts the dirt off their shoe soles.

Additionally, all water and mud on their shoe soles are absorbed, resulting in cleaner floors as dirt is transferred to the mat before being walked into the floors, as well as improving safety as there is much less risk of people slipping on the tiles.

Stones caught in sole treads are removed by the aluminium scraper sections of the Mat-Lok barrier mats.

Designers will always design entrance areas to make an impact – it is, after all, here that the ‘first impressions count’ maxim is very relevant. Of course, this also means that it is quite likely that a fair amount of the project costs have been allocated to the entrance area. Ensuring the floor finish is protected, kept clean and exposed to as little abrasion as possible makes economic sense – you want a floor finish that will continue to impress visitors for years to come.

Decramat offers two barrier matting ranges that are perfect for achieving the above results.

Mat-lok Aluguard Active carries a 4-year guarantee and is classified for heavy-duty traffic meaning that it can cope with unlimited feet, regular shopping trolley and wheelchair traffic. Advantages include: entrance matting Decramat South Africa made from recycled tyres

  • Heavy-duty, premium quality static aluminium mat.
  • Crush-proof nylon carpet insert from recycled tyres.
  • Effectively scrapes grit and absorbs moisture.
  • Suitable for wheeled trolleys and wheelchairs.
  • Safe for high heeled footwear (heelproof).
  • Dirt-scraping raised section.
  • No wires; can be shaped to any form.
  • Unlimited foot, regular shopping trolley and wheelchair traffic.
  • Indefinite lifespan, guaranteed for four years

Mat-lok Reversible Active carries a 6-year guarantee and is classified as extra heavy duty. This means that is can effortlessly cope with heavy goods, motor vehicle, foot and wheelchair traffic. The electrostatic buffed-nylon pile attracts dirt like a magnet and absorbs water like a sponge. The cured nylon-ply rubber compound is virtually indestructible and the tough, solid interlocking modular design withstands the heaviest trolleys. Mat-lok Reversible Active facilitates all odd shapes and is also perfect for revolving doors.

Additionally, adding to the sustainability score, Mat-lok entrance matting incorporates scrap rubber tires, notoriously difficult to dispose of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Mat-Lok Barrier and Entrance Matting

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