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Discover Forefront® — Light & Flexible

KOHLER® introduces the versatile and modern Forefront® Collection of bathroom fixtures distinguished by clean lines and flexibility.

Wide Selection

Ranging from 420mm to 1200mm in size, one is certainly spoiled for choice with this premium range of basins that is available in a variety of shapes. Irrespective of the shape each product is carefully crafted to ensure flawless infusion of Kohler’s leading edge design and innovation. The Forefront™ range speaks to design and creative freedom by offering a vast range of sizes and shapes to choose from, giving you complete liberty in building a bathroom of your dreams.

Basin (SKU: K-2661IN-0) from KOHLER Africa's Forefront collection


The comprehensive range of basins and matching wall hung toilet, can be used in a variety of applications to complete a modern contemporary hospitality suite or to simply add that splash of class perfectly fused with optimal functionality for a commercial bathroom servicing a number of users. Flexibility in design is an element that never ceases to meet the discerning needs of designers.

Basin (SKU: K-2749T-1-0) from KOHLER Africa's Forefront collection

A Perfect Fit

The modern curvilinear design accentuated in the Forefront™ range of products, makes this collection ideal for any space ensuring a contemporary fit. With the new “less is more” trend in design this range is certainly the epitome of this philosophy. With its charetistic lightness of form derived from the carefully crafted design, Forefront® complements any contemporary bathroom.

Basin (SKU: K-2660-1-7) from KOHLER Africa's Forefront collection

Unpacking the Dimensions

The variety in size and dimensions of this range places it in a league of its own. Below is a closer examination of each product:

Product image SKU Dimensions Enquiry
KOHLER Forefront: K-72835IN-S-0 K-72835IN-S-0 550mm x 360mm x 355mm
P-Trap 220mm
Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2748T-1-0 K-2748T-1-0 1200mm x 520mm x 190mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2749T-1-0 K-2749T-1-0 900mm x 520mm x 195mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2660-1-7 K-2660-1-7 584mm x 450mm x 174mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2660IN-1-0 K-2660IN-1-0 584mm x 460mm x 174mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-5373T-0 K-5373T-0 575mm x 410mm x 82mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2661IN-0 K-2661IN-0 413mm x 413mm x 175mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-11479T-VC1-0 K-11479T-VC1-0 578mm x 462mm x 172mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-98930X-1-0 K-98930X-1-0 420mm x 460mm x 125mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-2949T-0 K-2949T-0 620mm x 450mm x 175mm Order / Enquire
KOHLER Forefront: K-96001IN-0 K-96001IN-0 Pureclean™ manual bidet seat for Forefront®

503mm x 373mm x 107mm

Order / Enquire

Every Kohler product is distinguished by a set of unique, innovative leading edge features while retaining a single level of superior quality. For more information download the full catalogue by visiting www.africa.kohler.com or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Enquire about the Forefront® Collection

Enquire about KOHLER Africa's Forefront collection

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