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DERBIT SA hosts a project contract agreement seminar

DERBIT SA, the professional waterproofing systems manufacturer, held a project contract agreement seminar for DERBIT Approved Contractors (DAC’s) at the Linbro Office Park Training Centre.

The purpose of the seminar, a better understanding of their rights and commitments related to project contract agreements. A project contract is an agreement between a builder, project manager and the owner of the property. Project contracts are necessary in case there is a dispute between either party.

Marius Odendaal from ASIP presented the seminar. ASIP offer services ranging from Tender and contract overview to on-site consultation, providing advice and foresight to ensure a smooth project completion and unconstrained payments.

Marius is highly recommended by the suppliers and subcontractors he has helped to collect late and outstanding claims and debtor amounts.

He is passionate about cash flow in construction, especially the two core elements of on-time completion/delivery and debtor payment schedules.

During the past few years he has run numerous workshops on the topic on the cash flow process, sales and income generation and accelerating debtor collections.

Key topics in project contract agreements:

  • Company collection documentation
  • Contract completion and claim collection processes
  • Credit management processes
  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Re-energise the supervisory teams
  • Contain and control the cash flow of the business
  • Revitalise the development and cash flow strategy of the business
  • One-on-one interaction between subcontractors and senior project directors

DERBIT SA approved contractors, staff and invited guests have found the seminar insightful and now have solutions to issues the industry faces daily. DERBIT is planning to host another seminar in the near future due to the success of the project contract agreement training session.

For more information on the upcoming workshops, seminars and training sessions, please contact DERBIT SA, the waterproofing system manufacturers and knowledge sharers:

Tel: 0860 DERBIT

Email: info@derbit.co.za

Derbit SA
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